Even though Bera spends most of his time working, he is not dedicated only to music . One of the most famous pop stars likes exercising and spends long time in the gym. That’s why he is always in shape. Exercising is one of the best ways to release stress and get rid of negativity. In addition to that Bera spends long time with his family. He has especially loving relationship with his small brother who is six years old. Bera often talks about him and mentions that even though his brother is small, he is very smart and understanding boy. Bera trusts him completely and talks with him about everything he would discuss with adults. He says that children are most sincere and honest people in the world and most of the adults do not understand it and don’t look at children seriously. Bera spends a long time with his family. When he is abroad he misses everybody he loves and as he returns to Georgia he wants to stay with his parents and other relatives as much as he can. Unfortunately he never has enough time and always feels that he is missing a big part of his life, which is hanging out with most loving, people in the world, which are his parents.

Bera is certainly workaholic type of person. If there is a necessity he may not leave the working place for days. It is difficult for that kind of person to balance career and privet life. Though he is surrounded with different challenges of his job, Bera is never tired of taking care and showing support to his friends. His close friends mention that he is never tired of giving advices to them and Bera is one among few people whom they can completely trust. As they have some trouble they can always discuss it with Bera who will consider it carefully and find the way out. One of Bera’s friends recounts the story when he was having hardship; he says that he will never forget how Bera worried about him, as if it was his own problem. These kinds of people are worth of emphasis. Unfortunately they are really few in today’s world. Most of us are so concerned with our career that we forget some other valuable thing, which cannot be bought by money and fame. These are true feelings and emotions. Successful person should find some way out to balance these two.

Famous pop music star Bera has opportunity to have everything he wishes. He is from a rich family that’s why many people dream of his life and consider that he is the happiest person in the world. According to his words even though he can buy whatever he desires, material values are never above spiritual. He explains that money can buy him a new car or expensive close but it can never buy real feelings. There are the days in his life, when Bera feels lonely and empty. In those days he usually likes to sit in his car and listen to his songs. When he does so, he gets unimaginable feelings. He is transformed in another world, in his own world where he can think about his life. At that moment he feels himself as a strong person. He feels safe and considers that there is nothing he would not overcome along with his music. Bera also adds that it is a lie when people say that reach person has no concerns and problems and consider that if someone is wealthy, proportionally he is careless. It is not true. When person has inner peace, and does his favorite work, this brings a real happiness. And he considers himself a lucky person just because he found the right place in this life. At that moment Bera feels complete apex of happiness. And this feeling stands much higher than material values.

Instead of calling the people who love his music “fans” Bera calls them his supporters who respect him, have the same taste in music and simply share almost the same ideology as he does. For him every single listener and every single follower on Facebook or twitter is valuable because if not them, he would be never be the person he is today. When he talks about success in career he explains that one can never become a famous singer unless his songs are sincere. Everything he writes, come from his heart and he never writes songs just to become famous. It is a main secret. People always understand if a song is written by fake emotions or honest. I never have lack of emotions that is why my songs are always liked and valued. In fact, songs have a big power. One can manipulate by people with his songs. I always try not to surround people with my ideology or morality. Some people use their power in a bad way and try to lead their followers in a wrong direction. This is an unforgivable mistake for me. We should always let the listeners make their own choices.